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Plugin_DeepMilkPlayer2 creation of (1)

I will continue to shape the ideas of the previous.

First, in UIAutomation, and to display the comments list in the main window of DeepMilkPlayer2, to get a comment from there,
Comments list I play to generate in the Plugin.

Then, once again to get the playing time at the bottom of the main window of DeepMilkPlayer2 for any comments to guess what is being displayed now in UIAutomation.

Information required by Boyomi chan this much of should ....
It is possible to say, it is not considered absolutely no error handling Toka data structure, we first tried to make up audio playback.


Is ... The next time some looked challenge

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DeepMilkPlayer2 + Boyomi chan

When you want to look at the Toka series of Nico Nico Douga at once, what I love because it frustrating quietly that or stopped occasionally read When you play on the Web you have stored locally.

And the other day, " Boyomi chan I found the software to say. "

DeelMilkPlayer2 in conjunction with, I think if you become use to me reading the comments from the light feeling that "lively become kana?" you would like to start the development.

For now, we have prepared the figure in order to organize the thinking.
Overview Figure
We will consider the processing part while looking to this figure.

Incense said method, because the way by individuals is different efficient or inefficient or can not say categorically.
Maybe, I think than the time it depicts the figure by the time you Build this a important are floating Toka idea of ​​processing?
At least I am often to organize thoughts by writing to the drawings.

In, various possible results, this time we plan to create as Plugin of "Boyomi-chan".
And it is realized scheduled technology called UIAutoMation to retrieve comments from DeepMilkPlayer2.

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