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How to create a FOMA mobile ringtone

But it is not but make if you want to a minor song ringtones.
How to make note of 3gp clothes motion that can be set as a ringtone in that.
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  • Preparation
  • How to make
    1. Your favorite sound in the WAVE format (* .wav) to be loaded into SoundEngine
    2. Cut out the sound that you want to ringtone a guide about 1 minute, saved in WAVE format
    3. Open was cut out sound source in the "Chakumoto"
    4. Of wearing original Tools (T)] - to open the [Conversion Settings] in the "conversion settings (AAC-LC)" - [Option (O) ...]
    5. Since determined the sound quality and file size by sampling rate to set the appropriate (different configurable size by mobile .300KB limit, such as 500KB limit)
    6. Press the woman's face icon, to convert from WAV to 3GP
    7. Since the input of title and the like are required on the way to enter the title easily understandable when viewed on mobile
    8. Wearing motion files (* .3gp) a letter in such as mobile e-mail attachments (because there are things that do not recognize even put directly to SD card transfer in or e-mail to download and put on the Web)
  • Reference
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