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Exchange of PSP of backlight fuse

Screen of the PSP-1000 is no longer appear suddenly.
To sound audible, even sound that worked to button.

If we elaborate eye, Usuku display had been.

By guessing the backlight has expired from this situation to investigate the information on the net and truly pioneers come.

Carefully immediately so had me to publish to the position of the backlight of the fuse, it decomposes, try to check the continuity of the fuse.

It is no reaction in the digital multimeter, but did not know whether the fuse itself is Hakare be the first place properly chip fuse of size 1005.
For example, the would not be measured if there Toka thin film on the surface.

It was decided to try to exchange with bad source.
Exchange target fuse of 0.5A of F4501.
First, abandoned not dissolve as I solder it but was thinking that it be replaced as a matter of policy.
Therefore, we decided to put in parallel.
You can easily find this, but he strictly This is also not Regards (if the existing fuse was alive, because the current is divided),
If the backlight is restored in this task, the fuse is to be considered that has expired,
As there is a separate cause if useless, so I should take off.

In, safely backlight restoration was carried out work.
I got to play on the PSP again.

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Power repair of KuroBox

玄箱の電源回路のヒューズ リード付きヒューズ
While Plug the power plug of KuroBox, Unfortunately, you accidently touch the power, the repair work so had to turn off the fuse note

KuroBox those of unmarked primary.
Actually pulled was for it but was going disconnect the power plug in a different power plug, power of KuroBox was not missing.
Blue spark and will touch the power fuse with the resistance of the foot in order to have the work as being missing and were scattered.

The numbness in her hand in a hurry without me even eyes, sure enough power even to power in order to verify that you are not at fault does not enter.
So, the power of KuroBox was not to live your. Too late When this happens.

It was restored by replacing the fuse and some people you've also not short-circuit when try to find information on the net while dent.

For now, it is a blown fuse in the case of their own? And you think to check the continuity of the fuse (F1) with a digital multimeter.
Result, it is not conducting. This means that fuse is blown.
This may be lucky.
Since fuse overcurrent and overvoltage in protected circuit, because intended to break the circuit such that the circuit is not damaged when it is abnormal temperature, What might other parts are not damaged You might lucky by.
The conduction of the fuse can be confirmed conversely, it means that other parts is damaged, it is difficult specific cause.

Well, was in Onuma of radio center where you were looking for a lead with fuse of 3A based on the information of the net in Akihabara.
It was 150 yen in two. For every kilometer while I think truly Naa's Akihabara, has discovered the problem and immediately to exchange work

Because, it is written to see fuse may be originally about when and 2A.
Fuse itself is but work under 3A and because merely connecting the circuit, becomes normal and was a 2A when overcurrent to 3A.
This is because the possibility of damage to the portion other than the fuse when the over-current is born, the person to be newly exchanged to buy a 2A.

It is to be noted that purchased leaded fuse lead was able to retrofit without problems but was a little thick.
Then, it was confirmed that it can safely start and power.

... You try to exchange If you find a 2A leaded fuse

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