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Technique 10Tips for to go home in a good mood

Night, or when you leave the office in the middle of the night, even though the day are tired very worked ten hours,
Once you have it and feel it's indigestion if there is that you have left to do still, you might have is not good use of time maybe.
But, if you use a little way to introduce this time, a sense of achievement that carry out his task, I can get to return to have a sense of satisfaction.

  1. I make a lunch or dinner of promise
    Today and are leisurely poised to be Ya say if this work over the 1st, but it I would use the time that it is not so important.
    But, by making a "deadline", I always time will be able to work in the mind.
  2. Export the things that must be the best the next day in the morning, to keep stuck to the keyboard on the way home
    Because in the morning best time zone to accomplish the work, and I use the time effectively.
    Before you go home at night, you can put on top of the desk and export the most important thing to be in the next day, please try or aside along with the documents required for the job.
    That way, the next morning, and I think you Torikakare from before or mail check for the job.
  3. Do not e-mail check at the beginning of the day
    To come to the company, rather than start reading open the mail by inertia, let's put away from work that had been exported to the day before.
    He started from the important work, and if it is possible to to end, but it will cut the good start of the day.
    If once opened the mail, because you are to become that it has "opened", will come more and more audience, because that advance the important work to concentrate on difficult.
  4. From the list, I pick the thing called "This is Ya do not have to."
    "Ideas that I thought that when good", you may disappear even so over time.
    Once you try looking at the work list of undigested aware of it, and that would better yet erased "This is another good Ya is not",
    The most quick, it's a take less than effort "GTD".
  5. In re-reading the mail that you are writing now, and shortening within 5 sentences
    I think you sick if I received a long e-mail.
    To begin with, the mail is not suitable for long exchange.
    The shorter, is what reply Kiyasui.
    Once was how not fit well within five sentences content, it will the person who was phone is fast projects.
  6. Truncate the nuisance (but politely)
    During the meeting, if anyone talk is gone it went from long and topic, let's interception with courage.
    "I do not soon return to the agenda or."
    and "How can'm sorry to interrupt in I, we were able to understand even without imperative described anymore."
    "Because it seems the story they've been it, why do not return."
    And respectfully that to stop the story of the other party, you can greatly save your time.
  7. I setting a meeting for themselves
    even though it was a pile it should not to be, I do not know whether I should Yare from what, in the case that it is impossible to concentrate absolutely, I need time to become alone.
    In order to escape from the offense without interference from superiors and colleagues, please try muffled even an hour or two to take only for the meeting of their own.
  8. It is the person who can be said to No
    When you were asked what, if you do not have to accept a "Yes" without thinking?
    When asked a new work, "Yes" and rather than accept immediately, let's question first sponsor for the deadline and requirements.
    If you can was that it can be without a "now", and if it was work like there are the right person for you other than, let's to have the courage to say "No".
  9. By eliminating what you distracting, to set the timer
    and though it is you in there and that should not have to be, if you that it is the situation you are gone in response to each time the mail or instant message comes,
    10 minutes is to work to concentrate. 10 minutes of break Once passed is for example, to reply to the email and IM,
    Also repeat the same thing over a 10 minute timer.
    Deadline also When seemed as short as 10 minutes, we are able to accomplish work while competing with time.
  10. I try to write because ANYTHING
    You can accidentally fallen into bad patterns, if you can no longer know what to how to do I went clean up,
    With a paper and pen and let's go to a quiet place.
    So 10 minutes, and I try to write because ANYTHING.
    You can make a list, you can the mind map, you can try Kakinagu~tsu ideas.
    By using this technique on a regular basis, is to go up your productivity, I can also get out of the slump.
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Nine tips to achieve the ultimate short time meeting

The 22 minute meeting

  1. I set a meeting in 22 minutes

    Speaking of meeting time, 30 minutes or 1 hour unit but usually, this is merely habit, not intended to be the light of productivity.
    If designed to end in 22 minutes, most of the conference is supposed to fit within that time.
    Rather than to be "set aside a longer just in case", it should set the meeting in the idea of ​​"Let as much as possible in a short time Owaraso".

  2. I make the agenda

    Agenda valid for conference.
    When it comes to draw each time on the whiteboard, the minute, hour valuable conference is consumed.
    Create a agenda, it is possible to share, "Do must achieve what in this meeting?" Is easily understood participants.

  3. Necessary documents, to pre-shared at least 3 days before the meeting

    Documents and materials necessary for the meeting is to share in up to 3 days before, to tell you as you look through to be sure the participants in advance.

  4. I will start on time

    Something you do not start as expected surprisingly many of meeting time, but Mai gargle matter all together all participants, punctually without waiting, Be the first to start a meeting.

  5. Meeting production

    Organizers, and to clarify the point of meeting, on which told neat that you demand and expectations of the participants, first will Mawaro the listener.

  6. As a general rule PC bringing prohibited

    During the meeting, for it is not allowed to "sideline" the other work also, as a rule of PC bring should be prohibited.
    However, you can write the minutes, not rough in this as long as if it is necessary to presentation.

  7. Bringing ban on mobile phone

    Without exception, of mobile phones bring is trying to ban.

  8. "Derailment" I avoid as much as possible

    According to the agenda, and trying to focus on that you produce results. Should be avoided as much as possible to each other discuss the relationship no theme on the agenda.

  9. I share proceedings as soon as possible

    Proceedings as soon as possible together, to be shared with participants.

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11Tips for increasing the meeting of productivity

Plan Productive Meetings

  1. Check the conference content in advance

    Specifically shows the agenda in person to participate in the meeting, ask them keep thinking I want to bring in what direction. This is because each to participate actively in the conference.

  2. Discussion in small groups

    If the number of participants of the conference is large, can be divided into small groups in the middle of the meeting, let's take the time to discuss the contents. This is useful when discussing the likely agenda that divided opinion.

  3. I listen to one person's opinion

    It might be hard to say dissent against the boss, but the one person participants mention where you think of yourself, is important in meeting. In this case, as the meeting time is not too long, let's housed within two minutes one person.

  4. While unexpected stay of demon ...

    It is too care about the surroundings, of and situations that are not out there is only remark bland, if was born situation has become dangerous divided factions, actually may proceed well talk If you got gone a little to the boss I have. So just a little, let me remove the seat to the boss. That way without hesitation is, you might frank opinion comes out.

  5. Secret ballot

    Where boss is not even, but it is still around there me that it can not be said is honest opinion in the mood. In order to elicit ideas even from such a person is, ask them to submit anonymously paper who wrote the opinion. In this case, you should not be following the main from such as handwriting.

  6. Boss to speak to the last

    First boss of the meeting, I want to bring in such direction, what I think? And if you happen to speak suddenly, are much less quite opposite opinion says. Leader of the boss and projects, even if there is confidence in their own direction, first let's listen to the members of opinion. It is good also to speak between, but so as not to understand with the way that he or she is the Which closer to a. If you took this way, the boss is also often seems the case to change your thoughts on the way.

  7. I limit the number of participants

    In general, towards the scale of small meeting It is said to be high productivity. In profusely attendees large meeting, or not given the opportunity to speak to have something to say, may or went changed deliberately in the direction of whether there was a prearranged, attendees satisfied conference you will not be able to finish the. So, attendees of the conference as much as possible aperture, it is suggested that you do ask them to report the results later to officials.

  8. I squeeze the target

    Within a limited time of the meeting, it is impossible to discuss even this Some. Which also but it is perhaps will end bad digestion. So, the number of agenda that can be processed in time to think in advance, let's set a time table.

  9. I conclude with a single

    It is always not necessarily the one time of a good answer at the meeting comes out, but if possible, the conclusion is likely is better not to procrastinate. If the refocus, people coming change the opinion from the last, came out and people Mushikaesu once subsided story, because there is a case in which productivity falls than one round of meeting.

  10. The conference really necessary?

    When to convene the meeting, really whether the meeting is required, consider well again. Is what you speak until I met to meet the members of the time? Do not have a content requires by e-mail?

  11. I prioritize

    When you decide the content of the meeting, let's decide the order in which they discuss in advance. To meeting you use the valuable time of the members, the warm-up is not required. Let's go down to business immediately.

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Nine tips for a clean break from inefficient conference

  1. I to attend the participants on time

    To initiate a conference on time, the cardinal rule be not late participants. Immediately prior to the conference, for example, by using a such as e-mail send a reminder notice, and trying to devise. In addition, rather than wait for the lazy to participants align all, if you become a start time of the conference, Let proceed on schedule.

  2. I have a agenda

    Has the agenda of the meeting, the ideal is to leave a rough time allocation for each of the agenda. Even during the conference and to advance in accordance with this agenda it is possible to prevent "derailment". In addition, the idea to share the agenda in advance to the participants, each participant "What was discussed at the meeting, and what you are trying to decide?" It is possible to face conference with pre-grasp state, efficiency basis.

  3. I choose the suitable person for the meeting

    Brainstorming of whether, and how meetings for approval, the purpose of the conference members to convene also be different people. But dare not need to ask them to attend the meeting, the person likely to be a later key man, want to take a separate time, for example, keep reporting the progress of the meeting, to move to flexible from sometimes a "political" point of view It is important.

  4. I effectively take advantage of the e-mail

    Communication of face-to-face as well, should take into account the "return on investment". If only the information sharing, such as data, better to utilize the mail's efficiency. Also, if you use the online collaboration platforms such as Google Wave, can centralize communication between multiple users, so also leave a recording convenient.

  5. I want to place the discussion the meeting

    The real intention of the organizers of the conference, "If the participant begins to speak in their own way, and than out of control will not tell? Want Yarisugoshi as much as possible to peacefully in conference," but there may also think that, participants about the agenda By using brainstorm individual opinion, is sometimes better solution is born. However, "Opinion" is the subject of discussion last opponent. Such as opponent of personality by poppy that you do not attack.

  6. Decisions I record

    Matters were determined at the meeting is to keep neat recorded together with the background, reasons. This "via what discussion and passed, how led to this decision?" It is possible to leave, can be shared to those who did not participate in the conference. Recommended as the text creating collaboration tool of a plurality of users, Google Docs and Zoho is but classic, "SubEthaEdit" and "EtherPad" also.

  7. Do not intensive Powerpoint

    In the presentation of Powerpoint, it would of it wasteful spending most of the time of the conference. The point at which is the premise of the discussion, it is better to be kept to a degree that is shared by all participants. 7 minutes guideline.

  8. I to speak to everyone

    Let so as to speak to all participants. Quiet to people who are silently with such as "What do you think ○○ Mr.?", Even effective to cast the question. As knowledge of the participant side, life hacker archive article "aggressive remarks at a meeting the first step to" Skilled guy "" In case you're wondering also.

  9. Ending neatly at the scheduled time

    A meeting in order to facilitation root, it is fundamental to protect properly schedule the meeting. So that it can end the conference on time, while follow the agenda, while also read the flow of the meeting, the scheduled end time trying to make Bishitto conference ends.

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Six of the law of Google-type meeting efficiency

How to Run a Meeting Like Google

  1. I set the agenda

    In advance to set the agenda of the meeting, to keep it clear and point that I want to discuss attendees allocation time of each agenda.
    By doing so, it is allowed to consider "the or meeting what to be such to achieve in?" To each person, it is possible to make focus towards the goal.

  2. I decide the minutes clerk

    I decide the person to take the minutes of the meeting.
    Google is known to have good use of presentation using the projector, but
    At the same time as the progress of the meeting, the minutes and I have to reflect the projector.
    Also absent in the conference are shared minutes, decisions in the conference has to be checked using this.

  3. I subdivided the time for small meeting

    Aliquoted time in 5-10 minute increments, and diverted to projects and thematic small meetings and meetings.
    All day, also tend to managers and executives tied to reporting and consultation from the conference and subordinates,
    Easy versatile also happening to be urgent if you take advantage of this method, and canvas for each meeting will focus more themes.

  4. I set the "office hours"

    General office hours system is applied in the office in the United States of the University, and set aside the time to use only for interviews and meetings with staff.
    16:00 to 17:30 in the example of Mr. Mayer is in office hours, staff there is a consultation and proposal has become a mechanism that can be meeting by appointment of "ACT QUICKLY".

  5. Political power is not used and the basic data

    Boss to determine a personal likes and dislikes than idea itself, to impair the motivation of staff.
    As well as decision-making process in science in Google, rather than a personal preference and internal political speculation of management, it is supposed to make decisions based on the facts and evidence.

  6. I punctual

    Google meetings are known to project a large timer projector, which has a certain effect to focus the conference.

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Four tips to efficiently reduce the meeting time

Extreme Ways to Shorten and Reduce Meetings

  1. I measure the remaining time with a stopwatch

    By measuring the meeting time with a stopwatch, is aware of the time participants, and prompts it to focus on the agenda.
    According to the article in the US magazine "BusinessWeek", in the US Google's conference, Toka's annual that reflect the big timer in projector.
    Thanks, there is not much that the meeting time is extended likely.

  2. To eliminate the chair, and the falling conference

    To avoid inefficient conference, one method even for meeting while everyone standing.
    Since it is a hard to stand for a long time, increases the efficiency of the meeting, it requires only about traditional half also meeting time likely.
    "If Nakuse the chair and computer company extends!" And also became a topic one time even to have been introduced,
    Example Canon Electronics you achieve significant performance up are also practicing "Standing Conference".

  3. I prohibit the "sideline" in the conference

    For example, by checking a laptop PC or smart phones, are prohibited to "sideline" during the conference, so as to concentrate the conference.
    Arawaza that to recover the mobile phone of the conference participants before the conference also, sometimes hand.

  4. 30 minutes or more of the meeting is not set

    Meeting will be set in within 30 minutes. And to advance the discussion to clarify the agenda.
    This scheme as an example that is well take advantage of a "37Signals" US web app development company.

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