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How to make a hot beer

If you drink a warm drink in the winter, the body is warm, but it will feel relieved. I think people who are that drank hot wine of the epitome and often, hot beer, than you've never tried it yet many people? In the 18th century from the 15th century, it seems to have been popular to drink a beer that was warmed with sugar and spices.


  • Much 360~500ml: Beer
  • Yolk: 1
  • Sugar: 2 tsp
  • The (in which grated) 1 pinch: ginger
  • Nutmeg: a pinch
  • Cinnamon: a pinch
  • Honey: 1 tsp

How to make:

  1. Put in a small pot and beer, add spices, and warm over medium heat or low heat. Please to reduce the fire boils.
  2. Was added to the sugar Put the egg yolk to the ball, with the addition of egg yolk and sugar with a whisk, and stir until it becomes white. And (do not become scrambled eggs state when it was added to the egg yolk and beer this way) you allowed to warm in addition about 2 teaspoons of the warm beer, if possible.
  3. In addition to the beer of the small pot that produced in a "2", the mixture was heated for about 5 minutes, add honey to your liking.

Hot beer is finished, tastes like cider is joined to the hot wine. There is no heavy feeling. If, rather than really like beer, beer if it has left over in the fridge, please try to make a hot beer all means.

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Techniques for 10Tips to go home in a good mood

Night, or when you leave the office late at night, and even though the very tired and also work 10 hours that day,
When you have to feel it's indigestion if there is that it was still unfinished, use of time might be not good Maybe you.
But, if you use a bit of how to introduce this time, I can get to return to have a sense of accomplishment to have made it this far because of the work, a sense of satisfaction.

  1. I make an appointment for lunch or dinner
    If you are holding leisurely it and do not care if this work over the 1st today, I'm would use the time that it is not so important.
    But by making the "deadline", I will allow the work at the time the care always.
  2. The writing that it must be the first thing in the morning of the next day, to keep stuck on the keyboard on the way home
    Time zone best because it is in the morning and to get the job done, it's effective use of its time.
    Before you go home at night, you can put on your desk by exporting the most important thing to be in the next day, please try to or aside along with the documents required for the job.
    If so, the next morning, and I think you Torikakare for the job before it or to the e-mail check.
  3. Do not check mail at the beginning of the 1st
    To come to the company, rather than start reading open the mail by inertia, let's put away from work that had been written to the day before.
    If you are able to start from the important work, to finish, I'll cut a good start of the day.
    That if you open an e-mail once, since you thing is you have "opened", the audience is will come more and more, to advance the important work to concentrate is because difficult.
  4. From the list, I choose the one "This is Ya do not have to" and
    "Ideas that I thought it was good at that time" is, and may be lost even so over time.
    If you notice it then viewing the work list of undigested, it is of erases "This is Ya say again without" and better yet,
    The most quick, less than an effort It's a "GTD".
  5. In re-reading the mail that you are writing now, reduced to 5 sentences within
    I'm tired of you when I have received a long e-mail.
    To begin with, e-mail is not suitable for long exchange.
    Shorter, it is what reply Kiyasui shorter.
    If you were content that does not fit in the 5 sentences within no matter how you do, it probably matters a person who was phone early.
  6. (Respectfully) But truncating the nuisance
    During the meeting, If anyone has got it went from topic story is long, let's intercept it with courage.
    "The. Do not return to the agenda soon"
    and the "I'm sorry if I interrupted, but have been made. could understand even if you do not imperative described anymore"
    "Story because it seems they've been it,. Either does not return"
    By stopping the story of the other respectfully, and you can save a lot of your time.
  7. I will be setting a meeting for myself
    If that you do not have to though a pile, you do not know from what to do it, that it is impossible to concentrate really, I need time to become alone.
    In order to escape from interference no offense from the boss or colleagues, please try muffled even two hours to take just for your own meeting rooms.
  8. Become the kind of person that you say No
    When asked what, you do not have to accept a "Yes" without thinking?
    When asked a new job, rather than accept immediate "Yes", let's ask the requester for the first requirements and deadlines.
    If, or was that it can also not be a "now", and you were such work there are the right person for you other than, let's say "No" to have the courage.
  9. By eliminating the distraction, to set the timer
    And if you were in the situation where they've reacted every time you even though there is that which must be death to you, e-mail or instant message comes,
    It is to work in a concentrated 10 minutes. The death and reply to email or IM to a break after 10 minutes, Once,
    It also repeat the same thing over the 10-minute timer.
    Once the deadline also was short of 10 minutes, we are able to get the job done while competing with time.
  10. I try to write anything because good
    Once you have or no longer know or accidentally fallen into a bad pattern, to do for clean up went and What-to-do,
    Let's go to a quiet place with a pen and paper.
    And I try to write there for 10 minutes, because anything good.
    You can make a list, or a mind map, or try to Kakinagu~tsu ideas.
    By using on a regular basis this technique, productivity of your up, and I can also get out of the slump.
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Making delicious with one devise a warm drink

Delicious surprisingly none. Please try.

  1. Few tablets + tea the Frisk
  2. Grated ginger (1 tsp 2 minutes) honey (1 tablespoon) + tea
  3. + Ice tea commercial
  4. Cocoa + green tea
  5. Cocoa + peppermint tea
  6. Cocoa + Earl Grey
  7. Cocoa + tea flavor Caramel
  8. Cocoa + tea flavor vanilla
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How to make lemon and ginger drink good for cough and throat

Cold day continues, I will cold in vogue.
Honey, honey flower buckwheat is so has the effect of cough to cough syrup more especially, according to researchers.
There's also recommend that many doctors take the moisture, this recipe is supposed to be very useful.


  • A little ginger
  • Lemon half
  • Honey 1 tsp

How to make

  1. Add in grated 1 centimeter extent ginger in a large mug.
  2. I put the juice squeezed lemon. (I also put leather in choice)
  3. In addition to honey, completed mixed to put boiling water.

I think it is important to place to make a lot of this, and drink in the morning is also a more effective prevention of colds, measures.
Please, try this recipe by all means.

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Tricks to make delicious tea "5 steps"

Usually, please use when you put the tea, how to put a delicious tea.

  1. In the case of temperature <br /> tea of hot water, in order to extract the components that make up the taste of tea, hot water as bubbles of size 5 yen coin boil hard is the best. By the way, Toka's enough water in the tap water of Japan because it is soft water that meets the tea.
  2. I keep warm in advance, cups, and other tableware <br /> pot. By extracting the tea with hot as possible only hot water so desired, warm so as to spread throughout the small amount of hot water, a cup when extracting directly cup, pot when making pot.
  3. If you make a delicious tea <br /> use of tea bag, per (200ml) 1 cup to make with "1 tea bag". Tea bag because they are so that they can be extracted firmly the color, taste, smell in a short period of time, has been specially manufactured.
  4. When you move strongly how <br /> tea bag of extraction, only the color would come out ahead of delicious ingredients. Point of extraction "without moving the tea bag, at least for one minute with a lid."
  5. Once you make a tea with boiling water <br /> drinking, wait until temperature of pleasing yourself. People of milk tea favorite, best to add the cold milk here. Cardinal rule is not warmed milk of milk tea
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Tricks to make a delicious spicy cafe au lait "Step 6"

Holiday, and how to put delicious cafe au lait that you want to put even when you are reading leisurely.


  • Coffee powder: the measuring spoon 2 tablespoons heaping (200cc minutes)
  • Milk 200cc
  • Granulated sugar 20g
  • Second swinging cinnamon powder
  • Second swinging cloves powder
  • Second swinging black pepper powder

How to make:

  1. I put sugar and spice in the cup. I keep the extracted coffee.
  2. Warm a small pot of milk, whipping by shaking from side to side a bowl whisk.
  3. Mix by pouring half the coffee in [1], and pour vigorously warm milk.
  4. I quietly put on the surface of the cafe au lait, the foam of milk remaining in the pot.
  5. The salvation in a small spoon, a brown foam that could be on the edge of the cup ...
  6. Complete draw a favorite picture and smile mark is placed on top of the white foam.
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Drip technique of tasty coffee "7 Steps"

Usually, please use when making coffee, how to put delicious coffee.

How to make:

  1. I fold staggered the two sides end of the filter. To increase the strength by folding the edge of the filter since only are pressed. Adjustments in folding width so that it does not protrude from the dripper.
  2. To warm the cup instruments and over turning plenty of boiling water to the dripper was placed on a server. This is an important point of order not to impair the taste and aroma of coffee!
  3. Discard the hot water warmed the instrument, and to set the dripper the paper filter. I put the amount worth dripper coffee powder (1 servings 120cc is Strike sugar 1 cup 10g) measuring spoon.
  4. Shake slightly from side to side the dripper, and to flatten the surface of the coffee powder. It can not be hot water does not rotate uniformly center is being raised, inflating by steaming enough flour.
  5. Extraction of one round, pour hot water slowly little by little so as to draw the vortex from the center of the flour. The extent to which hot water soaks into the flour. The set timer or hourglass (3 minutes) When you have finished poured up to the end, and steam 20 seconds.
  6. Issue a fine foam while pouring hot water in the middle of the flour, then lightly up and down the kettle from the second time. Foam appears, and round slowly around it. Hot water with plenty of "umami" here will be appeared.
  7. I pour the hot water in the manner of [6] While the fine white bubble does not disappear from the third. This reduces the amount of hot water gradually, a total of 5-6 times, extracted 3 minutes. Remove the dripper when you're number of people extraction.
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Tricks to drink delicious beer "5 steps"

Leave a drinking delicious good throat beer.

  1. Golden ratio of glass to be more delicious choice <br /> beer glasses, 1 the ratio of height and diameter: 2. Foam is hardly Standing intended back like rock glass is low, the foam is too Standing it is too high. Of course, it's best to choose a glass that matches the characteristics of the beer, but the beer general: The Glass of "1 2".
  2. That it may wash with a sponge that has dropped the wash how <br /> oil dirt of glass, oil may remain in the glass, which may cause the foam disappears quickly. In addition, if natural drying face down upside down and rinse well to not wipe with a cloth and wash, shiny glass of fat hand also does not have a completed.
  3. Temperature of around drinking beer <br /> how chilled 6 ~ 8 ℃. Some people cool in the "freezer" the glass well, taste or cloudy, taste is obscure is too cool in the opposite. Recommended glass also canned beer is also chill in the "refrigerator"!
  4. Secret <br /> how to pour, "poured three times".

    1. Pour half enough to pour vigorously
    2. I wait for the foam to settle
    3. Pour up to two-thirds slowly to lift the foam
    4. I wait for the foam to settle
    5. Pour until: "3 7 ratio of foam and beer ideal" foam climax at the end
  5. To as "going to pick" a glass of wine as Japan <br /> drinking, throat would be closed, say throat is not born. And keep your back straight and drink to keep your elbows close to your body. If you drink in this posture, stomach will help prevent needle missing reasonably gas of beer.
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Tips nine to achieve short time meeting the ultimate

The 22 minute meeting

  1. I set a meeting in 22 minutes

    Speaking of meeting time, the hour, or 30 minutes but usually, this is not intended as merely habit, and the light of productivity.
    If designed to end in 22 minutes, meeting most supposed to fit in that time.
    Rather than say, "set aside longer just in case", to be set up meetings with the idea of ​​"Let Owaraso in the shortest possible time".

  2. I make the agenda

    Agenda is valid for the meeting.
    When it comes each time you draw on the whiteboard, the minutes, hours of valuable conference is consumed.
    It is possible to create an agenda, to share, "What? Whether must achieve at this meeting" is easily understood participants.

  3. Required documents will be pre-shared up to three (3) days prior to the meeting

    The materials and documents required for meetings, share in up to 3 days before, to tell to keep a look beforehand by all the participants.

  4. I will start on time

    Many conferences is something you do not want to start on time unexpectedly, but Mai gargle participants matter aligned all, but it will start on time, the meeting without waiting for.

  5. Meeting production

    On I told properly that you clarify the point of the conference, you expect and desire for participants, first organizer will Mawaro the listener.

  6. PC Prohibited in principle

    During the meeting, also because it does not give "moonlighting" and other work, bring the PC's should be prohibited in principle.
    However, writing the minutes, not the rough as far as this, if necessary to presentation.

  7. Prohibited mobile phone

    Without exception, is trying to ban the introduction of mobile phone.

  8. I avoid as much as possible "derailment"

    Let's concentrate on the agenda in accordance with, and produce results. Other and discuss the theme does not matter on the agenda should be avoided as much as possible.

  9. I will share as soon as possible proceedings

    As soon as possible together, proceedings will be shared with participants.

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11Tips for increasing the productivity of the meeting

Plan Productive Meetings

  1. Check the conference in advance content

    Specifically shown in the agenda for people to participate in the meeting, ask them keep thinking if you want to bring in what direction. This is because each of which actively participate in the conference.

  2. Discussion in small groups

    If the number of participants of the conference is large, it is divided into small groups in the middle of the meeting, let's take the time to discuss the contents. This is useful when discussing the agenda and easy split of opinion.

  3. I hear the opinion of one person

    It may be hard to say that dissent against the boss, but one person participants to state the place you think of yourself, it is important thing in the meeting. In this case, the meeting time is not too long, let's housed within two minutes per person.

  4. While unexpected stay of demon ...

    If one of these situations where it is too care about around, remarks bland only not out, the situation that has become threatening factions divided was born, that the person who actually I had gone a little to the boss goes well talk I There is. So just for a moment, let me remove the seat to the boss. Without hesitation that way, frank you may get.

  5. Secret ballot

    Even where there are no boss, I think you I can not say honest opinion around is in the mood after all. In order to elicit ideas even from such a person, ask them to submit anonymously paper who wrote the opinion. In this case, you should not be following the main from, such as handwriting.

  6. Boss to speak at the end

    Boss, I want to bring in this kind of direction at the beginning of the meeting, but what I think? If yours is speaking and suddenly, dissent is what quite hard to say. Even if there is confidence in the direction of their own, first leader of the project and the boss, let's listen to the opinion of the members. It is good even if the remarks between, but do not conceal on the way that he would whether the Which closer. If you took this way, the boss is more likely to be the case that changes your thoughts on the way.

  7. I want to limit the number of participants

    In general, it is said that towards the small scale of the meeting is high productivity. In meeting many attendees profusely, there is the direction property is or went changed deliberately opportunity to speak or not given to have something to say, whether there was a consensus-building, attendees meeting satisfactorily you will not be able to finish the. So, attendees of the conference squeezing as much as possible, so try to ask them to report to stakeholders the results later.

  8. Tekiwoshiboru

    Within the time of the meeting, which was limited, there is also to discuss this too it is impossible. I'm maybe will end none dyspepsia. So, thinking in advance the number of agenda that can be processed in time, let's set a time table.

  9. I conclude by once

    It is not necessarily a good answer and exits at meetings once necessarily, but if you can, it is better not to procrastinate conclusion is good going. When the refocus, people coming to change the opinion from the previous, such as a human, dredge up a story that subsided once came out, because there are cases where productivity falls than the meeting of the first round.

  10. The conference really necessary?

    When you want to convene a meeting, consider well again, the meeting is whether you really need. You content to speak to you for met to suit the time of the members? Do not need content by e-mail?

  11. I prioritize

    When determining the content of the meeting, let's decide in advance the order in which they discuss. To meeting you use the valuable time of members, there is no need for warm-up. Let's get down to business immediately.

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