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Four rules to be happy

Psychologist Richard Wiseman says, has preached and published research results on this subject in the British newspaper "The Telegraph", people can become happy by simply changing the view of their own against the world around.

Was observed over a period of 10 years, 400 men and women up to 18 years old - 84 years old, Wiseman Mr. comparative analysis with two types of people who are people and unlucky lucky.

When comparing a personal test, easy to tension more, people who are unlucky is anxious. Because it is too focused on the details, seems there was also propensity to miss the opportunity of much trouble. On the other hand, people who are lucky that, you made was open and flexible to the situation or opportunity that is in front of you.

So, according to the consideration of Mr. Wiseman, the law of the following four There seems to people lucky.

  • You are good at that it creates its own opportunities, to find this
  • To listen to your intuition, it may be a happier decision
  • I can predict the future positively
  • There is flexibility to turn around a bad luck

In fact, 80% of the people who practice this law is the total began to feel that it is lucky himself.

It is a world that is not only fun never, but it does not necessarily bad thing early even to continue. Should different world come open it also, only slightly changing the perceptions and point of view of their own. Those of you feel, but please try to incorporate life to this law once "recently, does not have ... somehow," he said.

Be lucky - it's an easy skill to learn [Telegraph.co.uk]

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