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FPS drops during encoding with x264

And during the conversion videos in x264, because phenomenon that drops abruptly FPS when it comes to the second half has occurred has been exploring the cause.
Temperature of the CPU could because it was very hot if you write from conclusion.

Below, collectively recorded were examined contents

In the resource monitor of "Performance" tab of the Task Manager

  • CPU utilization is high
  • Memory is still free
  • Disk I / O can afford

At this stage, guess's CPU is has become a bottleneck

When again look at the field of CPU resources monitor the column of "maximum frequency" is set to "33%".
In other words, the first place the operating speed of the CPU is pulled down.
"Well, why not?" I thought the following two is gonna be

  • Energy-saving mode is activated I have dropped the operating speed of the CPU
  • And dropping the operation speed of the CPU to prevent the CPU may be damaged by heat

And even two, about me seems to function that exists, it was examined and is equal to the not actually know it but there is a knowledge.
and (CPU that has been used will be the contents of the intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 so intel CPU.)

Energy-saving function of CPU

  • C1E state
    Function to the CPU into hibernation.
    If the CPU is nothing running task, the process proceeds to state with reduced power consumption is lowered operating clock of the CPU is also to a certain value
  • EIST (Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology)
    Technique to reduce the power consumption of the CPU.
    In accordance with the usage of CPU and drop the operating frequency and the drive voltage to reduce power consumption.

Protection from the heat of the CPU

  • Thermal Monitor
    Protection function to protect the CPU from damage due to heat.
    Frequency abnormality in TM1 only, to lower the frequency and voltage in TM2, and reduce heat generation of the CPU by reducing the amount of processing of the CPU.
    (Seems to also be called thermal throttling, but can not find the material ...)

We believe that this behavior from the above it is due to the imposition of TM2, that take a look at the CPU temperature.
Software to be used is " Core Temp can be used for free. "
(Create a Language s folder in the Core Temp folder If you downloaded the standalone and Language pack, to store the language file)

Look try and remove the as soon as possible side panel of the PC case is it was a situation that sometimes reached 100 ℃ exceed 95 ℃, the wind of fan to the CPU, and was applied to the wind at an angle of 45 °. (And I was way to think and take perpendicular to shed the load on the CPU cooler, you do not know how best to say if.)
Then, the temperature was FPS also seen a recovery comes to around 75 ℃, the cause of this FPS it was confirmed that it is in the CPU temperature.

First of all, I feel a temperature of less than or equal to that seen multiple sites probably a much me proper temperature of the CPU seems to be a guide.

  • 40~60 ℃: normal
  • 60~75 ℃: high load

CPU Core 2 Quad Q6600 of this PC that this phenomenon occurs TM2 worked in about about 95 ℃.
This Atari might be set in the BIOS and possibly but not been confirmed.

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