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BOOKEEN Cybook Orizon for setting ChainLP

Note the settings when you convert ChainLP to read in BOOKEEN Orizon something the things that were self-catering and materials on hand.

First, Cybook Orizon BOOKEEN specifications

  • (Gray-scale image is displayed beautifully by automatic dithering?) 16 Shirohaikuro tone: tone
  • Resolution: 600 x 800

From the characteristics of more than ChainLP was carried out in the following settings.

  • (Because it was able to hide information of up and down, but it was not able to erase the left margin?) 570 x 800: size
  • Gamma correction: 1.8 (you feel more of a little darker so good, but a matter of taste)
  • (Boundary between 2 and 3 want) 2: Sharpness
  • Image Settings: Full Text: image format: PNG
  • (Orizon output 8bit (256 colors) for automatic correction is clean but 4bit (16 colors)) 8bit: Image Settings: Text: Color Depth
  • (Do not modulate the color) 0 black, gray 127, white 255: Image Settings: Text: level adjustment
  • Image Settings: Illustrations: image format: PNG
  • (The same as the setting of the text) 8bit: image set: Illustrations: color depth
  • (The same as the setting of the text) 0 black, gray 127, white 255: Image Settings: Illustrations: level adjustment

Output size should be referred to a 600 x 800 e-book format that I always use is its setting so ePub but Orizon so supposed that can be displayed on the full screen basically. For some reason, the margins will be born to the left and to read the files of ePub at the stage of writing this article. So, I became such a setting for the time being.

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